What is general waste?

Many people in Greater Manchester have a smaller general waste bin or a three week collection of the standard wheelie bin. This is to encourage people to recycle and reduce their waste as much as possible.

Activity idea

Encourage your group to name as many items as possible that may end up in general waste. As well as items, think about the different types of materials that will be in general waste such as metals, plastics, textiles, organics. It is not always possible to recycle or reuse everything. Sometimes they just have to be disposed of.

Most people think that their general waste ends up in landfill. But it does not. General waste is used to make electricity.

Use the Burning general waste information sheet to find out why we burn general waste and how that is done.

Watch the animation below with your group

Activity idea

A burning question?

This is a cut and paste worksheet. Your group can cut out the pictures and stick them in the correct place in the story of how waste is burnt to generate energy.

Extension activity idea

Follow the instructions on the Which way-ste is best? how to do the activity information sheet. This activity takes the form of a scenario of a small town debating their solution for general waste. Either incineration or landfill. The activity encourages the group to research and present a case for incineration or landfill.

The landfill resources can also be used to provide information on this method of waste disposal.

Learning outcomes

Individuals will be able to explain how their general waste is treated.

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