We all make waste, it is important that we know which bin items should be put in and what alternatives there are for certain waste items.

Are you ready to go into more detail about the correct waste for the correct bin?

This card sorting activity takes waste sorting a step further and includes items that cannot be placed in the bins provided by the Council.

Your group have to decide whether an item is suitable for:
• One of their bins at home
• Donation to charity
• Taking to the local Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)



Work in small groups round tables.
Print out the required number of sets of council bins one per table.
Print out the required number of sets of HWRC and Charity donation cards (one per table).
Print out the required number of sets of sorting cards (one per table) These will need to be cut up or laminated (please note there are 6 pages of cards). Pages 1 to 5, green edged cards are recommended for children (key stage 2 and 3 ). Page 6 has red edged cards. These are additional cards that can be added to pages 1 to 5 to extend the learning to adult and community groups.


How to do the activity

Set out the Council bin cards on the table and place the Charity donation and HWRC cards alongside.

Share the item sorting cards out equally.

Everyone places their item sorting cards onto the correct image on the table. For example, if someone has a card of an aluminium drinks can, they place it down on the mixed recycling bin image.

When all cards have been placed, encourage the group to consider whether it is all correct. Encourage debate about the items. For example the old sofa could be donated to charity if it is in good condition or to the HWRC if it is in poor condition.

Check the answer against the Right Stuff Right Bin answer sheet.


Learning outcomes

Individuals will be able to explain in detail, what is accepted in each bin at home and that there are alternatives for items that cannot be recycled.