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Can I visit a recycling centre in a van?

Yes, you can dispose of household waste using a van. You will need a permit to access the recycling centre. You can apply for a free permit here: van permit information

My bin has not been collected

You will need to contact you council, you can find contact details here

Can I put any type of plastic in my mixed recycling bin?

In Greater Manchester, currently only plastic bottles are collected for recycling. All types of plastic bottles are accepted including shampoo, shower gel, and cleaning bottles, this is because the plastics they are made from are a high-grade plastic and there are well-established sustainable markets for bottle derived plastic.
All recyclable material from Greater Manchester is sold to reprocessing facilities in the UK and Europe, over half of which is sent to facilities in the North West of England. Plastic bottles are a valuable resource as they are processed into plastic flakes and used in manufacturing to make new products.
The trading of recyclable material is a global market, with demand for plastic highest in countries that do a large amount of manufacturing where the plastic is made into new products.
Other types of plastic packaging (such as plastic pots, tubs and trays) are made up of a wider range of polymers and colours, the end markets for which are still developing. For that reason, plastic pots, tubs and trays are currently collected in the general waste bin which is sent by rail to an energy from waste plant in Runcorn where it is burned to generate electricity.”
Once the plastic bottles and other mixed recycling have been emptied from residents’ bins, this goes to our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Sharston, South Manchester where it is sorted and separated using different technologies. Plastic bottles are sorted into HDPE and PET plastics, baled and sent for reprocessing into a plastic flake. We run an education centre at the MRF, please contact us to enquire about visiting so you can see for yourself how the recycling is handled. Please email for further details.

Do I need to remove bottle tops and lids from my plastic bottles and glass bottles?

Yes please, bottle tops and lids often come off during the separation process and contaminate the glass recycling. So we ask you to remove these to reduce contamination.

Can I put tetra packs in my paper and card bin?

Yes, you can put tetra packs in your paper and card bin

Do I need to wash my cans, and jars before recycling

Leftover food and liquid can damage and clog up our machinery, so we would ask you to just rinse out your cans and jars before putting them in your mixed recycling.

Do I need to remove labels / sleeves from bottles and steel food cans

We do not insist on it but it does actually help

What do I do with the new bottles that have the lids attached?

Recycle as a whole bottle in mixed recycling

Can I put child car seats, high chairs etc in the Renew donation containers?

No, we cannot accept baby/child items such as these due to not being able to guarantee how safe they are. Try donating to a charity shop or your local baby bank.

Can I collect items from recycling centres?

No you can’t take items from recycling centres

I have items from my office/business what do I do with it?

Follow the business waste rules on our website, you must not use household waste recycling centres and you will be turned away if you are thought to be from a business Trade and business waste


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