Based on a famous game show. Deliver in a game show scenario to get the audience involved.
Great for a recycling assembly or presentation.

Choose some contestants and ask them questions about what can and cannot be recycled at home.


Binnionnaire Question sheet.
Binnionnaire answer board to be displayed on a screen or whiteboard.


Select and print the correct set of questions from the Binnionnaire question sheet. Choose the council you want to use. This should be the district where the participants live.

Print out or display on the whiteboard, the correct Binnionnaire answer board. For example, if your group live in Bury, use the Bury answer board and question sheet.

There are eight questions, so you could choose eight separate individuals and ask them one question each. You could design more questions if you wish to include more people.

How to do the activity

Each contestant is asked a question in turn. The answer is either A, B, C or D.

The contestant can:

• answer themselves

• ask the audience.  Ask the question to the whole group. Ask for a show of hands if they think the answer is A, another show of hands for answer B and so on. The contestant can then judge which answer received the most votes. They can then choose that answer.

Tell the whole group if the answer was correct and if not – inform them of the correct answer.

Learning outcome

Individuals will be able to explain which items are accepted in which bins.