Find out what happens to your paper and card in Greater Manchester.

In Greater Manchester, your paper and card is taken to a paper separation facility. Here the brown cardboard boxes, white paper and card and the drinks cartons are separated before being sent onto facilities that will reprocess them.

But Beware! There are some types of paper that will spoil the recycling of paper and card.

Have a go at our Sorted by Science activity to help explain how the MRF uses clever science to separate the mixed recycling.

Activity ideas

Print out or use the Paper recycling tips information sheet at home to decide if that particular type is suitable for recycling or not.

Why don’t you encourage your group to make a poster of this information to help people understand which paper can or cannot be recycled. Or use the Paper sorting worksheet.

Any paper that is not suitable for recycling should be put into the general waste bin where it will be burned to generate energy.


Paper and card recycling tips      Paper and Card recycling ticklist

Watch the film below to see what happens when people put the wrong things in their paper and card recycling bin.

Watch the animation below to see how your paper and card is actually recycled. (Please note this is an external link)

Learning outcomes

Individuals will be able to explain what happens to paper and card and how it is recycled. They will be able to identify which items of paper and card can be recycled and which cannot.

This is the Christmas gift bag version but you can use the same template and decorate it for different occasions.