Plastic bottles

Plastics can cause confusion when recycling, but not if you follow the golden rule: if it’s bottle-shaped, then you can recycle it.
At home, you can recycle plastic bottles in your mixed recycling bin. You can also take plastic bottles to your local Recycling Centre.

Why only plastic bottles?

A bottle and a food tray are made of the same type of plastic but not the same grade of plastic. High and low grade plastics behave differently when they are recycled, as they melt at different temperatures. Our technology (MRF) can’t sort between the different grade of plastics, so they can’t be collected together.

There are really good reasons why we can only recycle plastic bottles in Greater Manchester.

1. Manufacturers that make new products demand high grade plastics. High Grade = Plastic Bottles.
2. Plastics like yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and plastic trays (pots, tubs and trays) are a low grade plastic and the manufacturers just don’t want these.
3. During the recycling process, the plastic is melted. Plastic bottles and plastic pots, tubs and trays melt at different temperatures, meaning the pots, tubs and trays contaminate the bottles and the batch can’t be used to make new products.
4. Other areas may collect plastic pots, tubs and trays, but currently very little is recycled. Most of it is turned into electricity.

Plastic bottles

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