Buy, Keep, Eat, Repeat

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Did you know that in Greater Manchester, 140,000 tonnes of food waste is put in general waste bins? Three quarters of this food waste could have been avoided too. We are working with councils across Greater Manchester to encourage residents to reduce and recycle their food waste.

Follow our tips below for ‘Buy, Keep, Eat, Repeat’, to help you plan meals, store your food right, use up leftovers and recycle food in your food caddy or bin!


Buy, Keep, Eat, Repeat


  • Plan your meals for the week ahead. By doing this you will only buy what you need to help reduce food going out of date.
  • Check what is left in the fridge and cupboards before you next go shopping.
  • Shop smart. Try local shops for the best deals on your food shop.
  • Look for cheaper deals on wonky vegetables and fruit.
A gif encouraging food preservation


A gif encouraging food preservation


  • Use fruit in pies and baking.
  • Stir-fry’s are good for using up vegetables.
  • Batch cook to get the most out of your food and save time later, using fresh food first. Check our food blogs for ideas on how to use up leftover ingredients.
  • Save leftovers to eat another day. Try Love Food Hate Waste for leftover food recipes (link opens in a new tab).
A gif promoting a reduction in food waste


  • Use your food caddy or green bin at home for any food waste you may have. Did you know all the food and garden waste collected from Oldham is turned into compost? Find out more about what happens to your food and garden waste.
  • Why not try home composting? This is great for your flowers and vegetables and saves money on buying compost.
  • Make sure you’re putting the right things in your food caddy – check what you can recycle at home.
  • If you do have any leftover store cupboard essentials that are in date, see if it can be donated to a local food bank.
A gif encouraging the use of food bins

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