You can take plaster and plasterboard to a household waste recycling centre

If you have removed plasterboard from your own home

You can take plasterboard to one of the household waste recycling centres listed below.

No Trade Waste

Provide a proof of address

Please take your recent council tax bill, annual water bill or utility bill (gas, electric or landline telephone) relating to the property where the waste is from. You can bring a printed copy or show it on your phone. Please note mobile telephone bills are not accepted.

Provide a hire vehicle document

If you are using a hire vehicle please take your hire agreement documents with you.

Please note: If you have hired someone to remove the plasterboard

If you have hired someone to remove the plasterboard for you, it can’t be disposed of at any of our sites because this is classed as business waste. The tradesperson or builder should dispose of the plasterboard for you.


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