From the 1st December 2021, you will need a permit if you are visiting your local Household Waste Recycling Centre to dispose of household waste using your own van, pick-up truck or a twin axle trailer

Use the link below to find out more information and apply for your permit. Please note: you will need to provide a copy of your V5C form (logbook) and current proof of address.

Please note: visitors using a standard car or a vehicle adapted for wheelchair users do NOT need a permit to use the Recycling Centres unless you intend to visit with a twin axle trailer.

Van and twin axle permit


Plastic packaging

Terracycle offer free recycling programmes funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers  to help you collect and recycle your hard-to-recycle plastic. This includes things like, crisp packets, food pouches and plastic tubes.

Some supermarkets also have plastic carrier bag recycling points which also accept things like, bread bags, bubble wrap and frozen food bags.

You can also put plastic packaging in your general waste bin or put them in the non-recyclable waste container at a Recycling Centre.

Find out what happens to your plastic.

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