Plastic free holiday

Packing for a holiday can be exciting but can also cause a headache.  It ends up being a game of tetris trying to make use of every nook and cranny in your suitcase, especially when it comes to the carry-on liquid restriction. Trying to decanter your entire bathroom into 100ml bottles or buying travel-sized or miniatures can also work out up to 7 times more expensive (per ml) compared to buying full-sized products.

Also some of the potions and lotions are in hard to recycle plastic packaging such as pots and tubes.

The solution is…to go solid!

The benefits of going solid are:

  1. no plastic!
  2. no spills!
  3. no limit to how much you can take!
  4. save money!

Here are 6 plastic free swap ideas!


You can now get a range of shampoo and conditioner bars in all sorts of scents and for many hair types.  Break the bar up and take only what you need. To save space you can even get bars that double up as body wash too!


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Shower bars

Similar to shampoo bars you are spoilt for choice – if you’re feeling indulgent you can also pick up bubble bars and bath bombs.


Yes!  You can even get deodorant in a handy bar!

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Toothpaste tablets

Just like mints you can take tablets instead of a plastic tube of toothpaste. Tablets are great as you can just take as many as you need!


Perfumes are usually in heavy glass bottles which take up a lot of space and weight! Switch to a perfume in a tin – which takes the same amount of space as a tin of lip balm!


Not technically a solid but you can get plastic free sunscreen balm in reusable metal tins too!

What are your plastic free holiday essentials? Please share them with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

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