5 tips: How to waste less food

At all times, reducing the amount of food that ends up in the bin is a good idea. Here are a few key tips from Love Food Hate Waste to help make your food go further.

1. Be storage savvy.

Different foods do better in different places, so knowing where to store them is key to keeping them fresh. Use the Food Storage A–Z to help you to figure out where to store your foods, as well as tips on how to use them up! For example: did you know that apples keep fresher for longer in the fridge, but bananas need to stay in the cupboard?

We've got to the core of the problem. The A-z of food storage tool

2. Chill the fridge out!

Did you know that the average UK fridge is set to 7 degrees? This is too high for most foods and will cause them to go ‘off’ much quicker. Dialling it down to 0 to 5°C has the potential to keep your food fresh for up to three extra days – you can use the handy fridge thermometer tool to find out how to adjust the temperature.

3. Get to know your date labels.

‘Best before’ refers to quality – your food is at its best before this date, but should still be OK to eat after: use your senses to check. ‘Use by’ is about safety – eating food after this date could give you food poisoning. Remember, you can freeze your food up to and including the use by date, keeping it for another day.

4. Don’t just eat it – compleat it!

Try using up every edible bit of your food. Potato skins, bread crusts, and broccoli stems are all delicious and perfectly edible, but they often get wasted because we don’t think to use them up. Try leaving the potato skins on when you make mash, or adding the broccoli stem to your stir fry or stew along with the florets.

5. Freezer hero.

We all know that meat, pizza and ice cream can be frozen, but there may be a few foods that surprise you! Eggs, milk, bread, cheese – in fact, almost anything can be frozen! Pop a label on whatever you freeze to avoid any Unidentified Frozen Objects.

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