Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer for litter pickers and refuse bags

Who we are

Recycle for Greater Manchester (R4GM) is the public facing brand of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Waste and Resources.

Memorandum of understanding

Borrowing the litter pickers and using the bags supplied by R4GM is on the understanding that your event is not the responsibility of R4GM and that you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Using R4GM litter pickers and refuse bags

 Managing the general waste and recycling collected during the litter pick event

During the litter pick

Council information and support for litter picking events



Privacy notice

the personal details provided will only be used for the purposes of managing and arranging your use of this equipment. This form will be stored in a secure folder until the return of the equipment as per the terms and conditions above. Following that, your details will be deleted.

Recycle for Greater Manchester