Be Battery Aware

Batteries don’t go in any of your bins at home. Old batteries may seem ‘dead’ but they can still cause fires if you don’t dispose of them properly. They can be crushed in bin lorries or waste sorting plants and start fires.

It’s not just traditional batteries which can cause fires. Many items contain hidden batteries such as laptops, phones, shavers and electric toothbrushes. There are also a huge amount of vapes and electric cigarettes which are being thrown in bins at home and causing fires.

BBC Morning Live did a segment on the importance of disposing of batteries correctly, if you missed it catch up below:

Between April and June 2023, there were 37 fires during bin collections and at recycling centres.

We’re working with our partners Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to remind you not to put any batteries in your bins at home. Find out how to safely dispose of your batteries and electrical items below.

The seriousness of putting batteries in bins is highlighted in the video below.

Recycling batteries is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Follow these simple steps to keep your home and our staff safe…

To find your nearest electrical recycling point visit
Recycle Your Electricals.

Don't bin them - pass on your unwanted electrical items

Does your item contain hidden batteries?

There are hidden batteries in many electrical items such as electric toothbrushes, toys, e-cigarettes, vapes, phones, laptops, and many more. You can recycle them by following the same steps above.

If you are unsure how to recycle an item, have a look at our A-Z item guide to help you recycle as much as you can and to dispose of your waste safely.

A-Z Recycling Guide

Choose to reuse

When next replacing batteries, why not buy rechargeable batteries instead? It will save you money and help you waste less. If you’d like to find a new home for your electrical items, you could bring them to your local recycling centre (except for Chester Road and Reliance Street) and put them in the donation container, which will then be brought to our Renew Hub.

Find out more about fire safety…


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