Reuse and recycle egg-cellently this Easter

Easter eggs in a garden

With Government restrictions starting to ease we are hoping that more residents across Greater Manchester will be looking forward to Easter this year.

Please remember to waste less and recycle right by following our top tips…

The scrunch test

After you’ve finished eating your Easter eggs try the scrunch test with foil – if it scrunches and doesn’t spring back it can be recycled in your mixed recycling bin.

If it scrunches and springs back then it can’t be recycled, so should be put in your general waste bin.

Try to collate the foil from several Easter eggs and put them into a small fist-size ball.

Empty boxes

Make sure you put your Easter egg box in your paper and card bin – but empty it out first any foil or leftover chocolate contaminates the load which can cost your council thousands of pounds per month.

Collapse the boxes first to leave room in your bin for more recycling!


If you get Easter egg cards off family and friends make sure you recycle them too! Cards go in your card and paper bin – just rip off any glittery bits beforehand!

Make a masterpiece

Can you reuse and recycle any of your Easter packaging to make something new? How about creating a masterpiece and sharing it with us via our gallery (link opens in new tab).

You could be in with a chance of winning your very own superhero recycling teddy!

Mixed recycling

Only plastic items that are bottle shaped along with tinfoil scrunched into a small fist-sized ball can be recycled. This means plastic bags, like bread bags and hot cross bun bags, should be placed in your general waste bin.

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