Recycling plastics? It’s got to be a bottle

Recycling Plastic? It's got to be a bottle

Throughout March, we’re helping people get to grips with recycling plastic across Greater Manchester. With our it’s #GotToBeABottle campaign, we want you to recycle all your plastic bottles at home, this includes bottles likes  bathroom spray bottles, washing up liquid bottles and drinks bottles. Any plastic bottles you use around your home can go in your recycling bin. Other types of plastics such as yoghurt pots, fruit trays and plant pots go in your general waste bin.

The plastic bottle you recycle today can be made into something  new such as furniture, playground equipment or even back into a new plastic bottle.

Find out what happens to your plastic

You may spot one of our adverts at the local supermarkets, bus shelters or at tram stops. If you see one, take a photo and share it with us on on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GotToBeABottle. You can also share photos of you recycling at home. We’d love to see your photos.

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