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December 2016 to March 2017

Areas targeted

9,000 households in:

  • Daubhill
  • Tonge Moor
  • Willows
  • Sharples


The campaign aimed to increase the quality and quantity of recycling collected from the mixed recycling bin for glass, cans and plastic bottles.

The campaign also supported the roll out of the new slim bin service where residents’ 240 litre general rubbish bins were swapped for sslim 140 litre bin.

Three different approaches to address contamination or quality issues were trialled.


  • Approach 1 – Door-knocking – Inspections of the burgundy mixed recycling bins were carried out on collection day. Households that were found not recycling right were door-knocked and offered advice on recycling and a further inspection of the burgundy bin
  • Approach 2 – Postcards – After a bin inspection, households that were found with incorrect items in the recycling bins were delivered a leaflet with recycling information and advice
  • Approach 3 – Bin Tagging – Following bin inspections, red and amber tags were left on bins that contained incorrect items. Red tags showed that there was a large amount of contamination in the bin and amber tags were attached to bins that contained a few incorrect items


  • 1,127 residents were spoken to at the door step
  • Of the 34 bins that were recorded as red on first inspection, 19 improved after door knocking intervention, 3 were red, and 12 got amber cards
  • 22 different households were recorded as red on the second inspection
  • Of the 506 bins that were recorded as amber on first inspection, 328 improved, 3 were converted to red and 175 were recorded again as amber on the second inspection.
  • A further 272 different households were also recorded as amber.

All the approaches proved to be successful in improving residents’ recycling behaviours. Improvements were recorded for both red and amber bins across all three methods.

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