Let’s Compost Now

Mix of food and garden waste in a wooden crate

As part of National Allotment week (12th -17th August) Recycle for Greater Manchester is launching Let’s Compost Now, a home composting campaign to encourage residents to compost their food and garden waste.

Woman composting old flowers in a home composting bin

In Greater Manchester almost a third of what residents put in their general waste bin is food waste. This food waste should be recycled in the food or garden bin or composted at home instead. Home composting is beneficial because it helps to remove garden waste and some uncooked fruit and vegetable waste from the bin, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and provides gardeners with a self-made supply of compost or soil improver.

To help residents get composting, Recycle for Greater Manchester have partnered with Marina Teat a founding member of Mirfield Community Garden in Blackley, North Manchester. She will be providing expert advice, as well as hints and tips on how to compost at home successfully. Marina said:

“Composting some of your food waste along with your garden waste at home is simple and cost effective. The compost can be used on your garden as well as for your hanging baskets, window boxes and vegetable plots. Items including egg shells, vegetable peelings, fruit scraps, coffee grounds and teabags, as well as sawdust and wood shavings can all be composted at home. All you need is a compost bin and a small outside space to get started.”

The food that can’t be home composted such as cooked food can go in the food and garden recycling bin for collection by your local council.

Recycle for Greater Manchester will also be running a Let’s Get Composting competition where residents can win a compost bin to help them start their compost journey!

To get started, visit Let’s Compost now for information about how to compost at home.

Recycle for Greater Manchester