Recycling planes, trains and automobiles… and oh a boat!

Back in the day, you may have known them to be called rubbish tips or dumps… Now, we call them Recycling Centres, the places where you can take your waste and recycling from home through normal day-to-day household activities and D.I.Y jobs.

Over the past month, we’ve been photographing some ‘unusual items’ brought to our Recycling Centres.
Among all the right recycling, we sometimes discover unusual stuff too…

Here are our top three:

old-school-worksheetsIn 3rd place… A bygone age

You may remember these basic number cards from school, back when classrooms where full of boxes of worksheets. A retired teacher recycled the paper and boxes at Cemetery Road Recycling Centre.   The paper could come back as a cereal box, a newspaper or even next year’s Christmas cards!

Visit our What happens to my waste? page to find out what happens to the rest of your recycling.

model-planeIn 2nd place…

Is a N3419P model plane, unfortunately one of its wings and its tail were damaged, so it was unable to fly anymore. A Bury resident threw it away at Cemetery Road Recycling Centre. It will take it’s final journey to one of our Energy Recovery Facilities and then it will be transported by train to the Combined Heat and Power station in Runcorn to be made into electricity.

In 1st place…still-on-the-juice-boat

Is ‘Still on the Juice’. What’s that you ask?

It was the most unusual item, a wonderful wooden boat brought to Chichester Street Recycling Centre because it was ‘beyond economical repair’. It was placed into the wood and timber recycling container.

The wood will be recycled, maybe into chipboard… or used as biomass fuel to create electricity.

Along with all the unusual stuff, you can also recycle your automobile waste such as car tyres, engine oil and car batteries!

To find out where your local Recycling Centre is and what else you can recycle visit our website.

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Who knows? Maybe your unusual items will appear in future blogs!

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