How NOT to recycle your Christmas tree

Recycling your real Christmas tree is easier than ever. Depending on where you live, you can recycle them at home or at local drop off points. Have a look at our Christmas tree recycling page to find out what to do in your area.

While most people in Greater Manchester know how to recycle their Christmas trees, there are still some who seem to do some strange things with their trees. This is what NOT to do with your Christmas tree this year.

Recycle it with all the decorations

We have seen a lot of Christmas trees complete with baubles and tinsel and even fairy lights that people are recycling. We can’t recycle all these decorations, so save them for next Christmas or if your fairly lights are dead, recycle them at your local Recycling Centre.


Chuck it in your general waste bin

People try to squeeze all sorts in their general waste bin, but a Christmas tree shouldn’t be one of them! Depending on where you live, you may be able to put your tree in your food and garden bin or just put it out next to your bin. Visit our Christmas tree recycling page to see how you can recycle yours.

Try and squeeze under the Recycling Centre height barrier

You can take your Christmas tree to any of the 20 Recycling Centres in Greater Manchester. Just make sure you transport your tree safely and take note of the 2 metre height barrier!


Let it rot

A Christmas tree can take up to 300 years to fully decompose! But if you recycle it, we will turn it into compost in just 6 weeks! Just make sure that the trunk is no thicker than your wrist. Large trunks and wooden bases can be recycled in the wood container at your local Recycling Centre.

Flytip it

This is an obvious one! With so many ways to responsibly recycle your tree, there’s no excuse.

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