10 things you could do to have a greener 2023

Happy New Year everyone! Are you ready for a ‘New Year, New Me’?

If you’re thinking about setting some green resolutions, look no further, we’ve got 10 little changes you could make to get 2023 off to a sustainable start.

1. Reset your recycling knowledge

Are you really sure you’re recycling right? Loads of us pick up bad habits and never double check if we’re putting the right stuff in the right bin. Take some time to check if you’re recycling right.

2. Give your general waste bin a break

Lots of plastic items can’t go in your mixed recycling bin at home. But before you put them in your general waste bin, have a think if they could be recycled somewhere else. Supermarkets often recycle items such as plastic bags, bread bags and clothes hangers.

Check out our A-Z recycling guide to help you recycle as much as you can.

3. Reuse or look for preloved items first

Play your part in reducing waste in the coming year!

Before buying a new item or a new piece of clothing, ask yourself ‘Do I need this? Do I have similar items already that I can reuse instead of buying something new?’

This January, you can get involved in Keep Britain Tidy’s Buy Nothing New Month by embracing buying nothing new for the whole of January (except for essentials like food, medicine and toothpaste) to help reduce harm to our planet.

If you’re still looking to buy, why not go for a treasure hunt in charity shops or our Renew shops for preloved goods? They’re ready for a new home.

4. Be smart with batteries

Did you know that you shouldn’t dispose of batteries in any of your bins at home, even the recycling bins?

Store them safely until your next trip to your local recycling centre or supermarket and place them in the batteries bin. And don’t forget about hidden batteries in items like electrical toothbrushes and vapes. Find out more about how to dispose of batteries in Greater Manchester.

5. Reduce your food waste

Wasting food wastes money. Here are some ways you could save money (and the planet!):

  • Plan your meals and only buy what you’ll eat
  • Store your food properly to make it last longer
  • Create delicious dishes from your leftovers

Find out more tips to reduce your food waste from our Buy Keep Eat Repeat campaign.

6. Start home composting

Get green-fingered in 2023. Instead of putting your leftovers in your food and garden bin, why not compost them at home to create nutrient-rich soil to help feed your flowers, plants and vegetables.

Get £10 off compost bins at getcomposting.com (Greater Manchester residents excluding Wigan) to kickstart your composting journey!

7. Recycle items from different rooms in your home

Many items in different rooms at your home can be recycled – put a small-sized recycle bin in your rooms to sort them out. For example you can recycle these items in your bathroom

  • Toilet roll tubes
  • Plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles
  • Toothpaste boxes

8. Remember to bring your reusable containers

If recycling feels a bit overwhelming, start small. It can be as simple as taking your own reusable bag while shopping or bringing your own cup when getting a brew. Plus, you’ll save some cash.

You can also look for and support your local zero waste shops to reduce single-used waste.

9. Register for your local council’s bin alert

Don’t let your recycling effort goes to waste – stay up to date with your local council’s bin collection date and remember to put your bins out.

10. Sign up to our newsletter

You can learn about the latest recycling news as well as lots of handy hints and top tips on how you can waste less and recycle more.

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