5 ways to deck-your-halls sustainably

Many of us love decorating the house for Christmas but it often means plastic decorations or disposable things. If you’re dreaming of a green Christmas this year, read on to learn how to deck your halls affordably and sustainably.

We’ve put together 5 crafty ways you can get in the Christmas spirit without the waste. Get your favourite Christmas film on the TV and get creative.


1. Upcycling old decorations

Baubles no longer match your home? There’s no need to buy a new set, you can transform your existing baubles into your new favourite decorations in a few simple steps.

  • Give them a lick of paint. It’s super quick, just get your favourite paint colour and get decorating.
  • Paper mache your baubles using wrapping paper, packing paper or even newspaper to give them a brilliant texture and a new look.
  • Wrap with wool. This one is a little bit fiddly but worth it for a gorgeous fluffy bauble that will take pride of place on your tree.


2. Using waste

Have you discovered a stain on your favourite Christmas jumper or are you swimming in packaging from online present orders?

  • Cardboard is a brilliant and flexible material that can be cut and shaped into small hanging ornaments and works great for bigger decorations as it’s so light. Why not try cutting some stars? You could even paint them to fit in with your colour scheme.
  • Fabric from old clothes can be revamped into tree decorations, wall hangings and stockings.
  • You can create origami decorations, bunting and paper chains from waste-paper and scraps of wrapping paper.

3. Using food

Food is much easier to recycle than plastic tinsel, and you get rewarded with snacks whilst you craft.

  • Dried orange and lemon slices are easy. Not only do they look stunning, they’ll make your house smell amazing whilst they’re drying in the oven.
  • Thread popcorn onto a cotton thread or string to create a non-plastic tinsel alternative to hang in your home.
  • Decorated biscuits and gingerbread make an eye catching and tasty addition to your tree.

4. Foraging

You can’t get more sustainable than natural decorations, and the best bit is it’s completely free! Why not combine a lovely winter walk with gathering your decorations?

  • Pinecones and holly sprigs make great tree or table decorations.
  • Evergreen leaves like ivy and pine can be made into a stunning homemade wreath for the front door.


5. Buying second hand

If crafting isn’t for you, you can pick up pre-loved ornaments at charity and Renew shops. It’s much better for the planet and your pocket and you can find one-of-a-kind pieces.

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