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We buy and throw away things every day. What we do with what we throw away makes a difference. Whether it’s a tram ticket, a shop receipt or a drinks can. By putting the right stuff in the right bin, we are all playing a big part in making sure what can be recycled, is recycled.

In Greater Manchester, we recycled over 47%  in 2017/18 but together we can do better!

Fridge full of Christmas dinner leftovers?  Try one of these tasty recipes to use up all of your cheese, turkey and all those veggies.
Cardboard boxes
In Greater Manchester, 86% of people are putting at least one item in their recycling bins that can’t be recycled. Take this quiz to find…
Cemetery Road Recycling Centre
Recycling Centres are at their busiest, with lots of us clearing out our extra Christmas waste. Read our top tips for a stress-free trip.  
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