Did you know aluminium cans can be recycled again and again?

We are working with Every Can Counts to show the infinite capacity of aluminium can recycling. A Rainbow Archway made of aluminium cans will be in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester over the weekend of 4th – 6th June to tie in with World Environment Day on 5th June.

You can visit the archway to find out more about the importance of recycling cans and for more information from the Every Can Counts ambassadors.

Cans are endlessly recyclable

It’s important to recycle your cans, they are endlessly recyclable no matter their size, shape or colour. Did you know…

  • During 2020 – 2021, an average of 241.83 tonnnes of aluminium was recycled each month in Greater Manchester.
  • If you recycle an aluminium can into a new can, it only takes 5% of the energy than if you made it from the original raw materials.
  • 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today.
  • Recycling 1 tonne of aluminium saves 9 tonnes of greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere.
  • Recycled cans are back on a shop shelf in just 60 days.

Please put aluminium cans in your mixed recycling bin at home.

Watch Every Can Counts’ video showing the life cycle of a can (opens in a new tab).

Visit the Every Can Counts website (opens in a new tab) for more information on can recycling.

A hand holding a green can. Text reads: Keep the cycle going. Recycled cans are back on a shop shelf in just 60 days.


Over the weekend of 4th-6th June, there will be a competition with the Rainbow Archway in partnership with Every Can Counts. To be in with a chance of winning a £250 One4All shopping voucher, post a picture of the Rainbow Archway using the hashtag #EveryCanCounts and tag Every Can Counts and R4GM on one of the following channels:

Instagram (opens in a new tab)

Facebook (opens in a new tab)

Twitter (opens in a new tab)

For terms and conditions, visit Every Can Counts (opens in a new tab).

Close up of rainbow can archway

How else can you get involved?

    1. Follow us on social media – Twitter (opens in a new tab), Facebook (opens in a new tab), Instagram (opens in a new tab).
    2. Retweet and share our #EveryCanCounts messages.
    3. Tell your friends and family about #EveryCanCounts.
    4. Make sure you’re recycling your aluminium cans in your mixed recycling bin


Education resources

Every Can Counts have also created some fantastic resources to engage KS2 students with recycling. Anime inspired characters take on amazing quests to save earths resources and students are encouraged to make their own environmental pledge.

Download the resources here:

Masters of Infinity – Quests

Masters of Infinity – Infinity Cards

Masters of Infinity – Take Home Pledge

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