From 10th  February 2020, the number of times you can visit the Recycling Centres in a year, depends on the size of your vehicle.

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Improvements to your Recycling Centre

We are making improvements to your Recycling Centres

The key changes are:

From 10th February 2020, the number of times you can visit the Recycling Centre in a year, depends on the size of your vehicle.

To help us monitor number of visits, Automatic Number Plate Recognition and CCTV will be used.

The ANPR boards have been installed at all of our Recycling Centres but number of visits will only be recorded from February 2020.

Why are you limiting my number of visits?

We know that some traders and businesses are illegally using the Recycling Centres. This illegal activity is costing your local council money because businesses are required to pay to dispose of their waste.  By limiting visits and using ANPR, we can identify who the traders and businesses are and take appropriate action.

What happens if I go over the limit?

Recycling Centre staff will be alerted if you are close to your visit limit and checks will be made to make sure you are a resident living in Greater Manchester (excluding Wigan) and the waste and recycling is from your own home.

When happens if someone is suspected of disposing of trade waste?

When a visitor is suspected of disposing of trade waste, we will check the type of waste they have in their vehicle.  We will provide them information about how and where to dispose of trade waste safely, legally and in the best way for the environment.

How will you prevent further fly tipping?

 We are working together with the  council enforcement teams across Greater Manchester to monitor fly tipping. They will investigate and prosecute where appropriate.

I visit the Recycling Centre more than once a week because I can’t fit all my general waste in my bin, what happens when I use up all my 52 visits?

If you think you will go over the limit, we advise you speak to your council’s waste and recycling team for advice on how to manage your waste. Most householders visit Recycling Centres around 12 times per year.

Is there a limit of visits if I use a hire vehicle?

Yes, hire vehicles, whether vans or cars will have the same limits. If you are using a hire vehicle, please bring your hire documents with you, as well as proof of address.

I’m doing DIY on my house so I need to visit more frequently than once a week, what should I do?

You can visit more than once a week as long as you don’t go over 52 visits in a year.

Why can’t I walk into a Recycling Centre?

The Recycling Centres are very busy, and designed for vehicle-access, not pedestrian access. There are no safe access routes or pavements.

Also, this is to stop traders  illegally using the Recycling Centres  who park outside and carry in their business waste on foot.

I don’t have a car, can I still take my waste and recycling to a Recycling Centre?

Yes, you can still take your waste and recycling to our Recycling Centres but please hand it to a member of staff at the entrance who will put it in the right container for you.

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