Mixed Recycling

Your mixed recycling is taken to our Materials Recovery facility in Manchester, where the plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, foil, food tins, drinks cans and aerosols are separated. It is then bulked up and bailed ready for the recycling process.

Why can’t I recycle other plastics like pots, tubs and trays?

Unlike plastic bottles which are mainly made of two types of plastic (HDPE and PET) plastic pots, tubs, trays, bags and film are made of a range of different types of plastic.

All plastics in theory can be recycled but it is not always technically or economically viable. In Greater Manchester, we only collect plastic bottles because there is a sustainable market for them and we can guarantee they will be recycled. To find out more about what happens to your plastic visit the What happens to my plastic? page.

Did you know?

66% of your plastic bottles were sold to UK markets and 33% were sold to EU markets.

100% of your glass bottles and jars were sold in the UK.

100% of your aerosol cans, food cans, drink cans and foil were sold in the UK.

(Market figures for April to June 2020)

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