What happens to my waste?

Waste and recycling collected from your bins at home and what you take to the recycling centre is either recycled, made into compost or even turned into electricity!


Every single plastic bottle, every glass jar and every piece of paper you recycle in your bins at home is recycled into something new. Every blade of grass, every eggshell and teabag you recycle is made into compost. Even some of the things that you can’t recycle are turned into something that we use everyday…electricity!
Find out how below…


image of empty plastic bottle
What happens to my plastic

Ever wondered what happens to all the plastic that goes in your recycling bin? Also, why some plastics cannot be recycled.

sad woman looking at broken microwave in kitchen
Microwave sparking? This cheap and easy fix could save you buying a new one

Be in the loop by repairing instead of throwing away. Electronic waste is a huge problem in the UK, with so many appliances being thrown away before they’re truly broken.

Woman renewing a piece of wooden furniture by sanding it down
Beginners guide to upcycling furniture

Hannah from Tread Softly transforms unwanted furniture into beautiful one of a kind pieces.  Hannah shares her upcycling tips with us on how to get started.

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Six simple, sustainable swaps that could save you £1670 a year

Life is getting more expensive by the minute and we’re all looking for ways to increase the cash in our pockets. There are huge savings to be made by investing in reusable and sustainable versions of things you use everyday.

graphic showing a Bokashi bin with the text: £10 OFF - Space Saving Bokashi Bin - Perfect for houseplants!
Composting in Small Spaces

We are supporting the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub’s celebrations for International Day for Older Persons. Sow the City, who we are working with on our composting projects, have written this blog about how composting can be done in small spaces, when you don’t have access to a large open space.