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Join The Big Recycling Hunt

To celebrate 20 years of Recycle week, The Big Recycling Hunt will run 16th to 22nd of October. We need your help to chase down items that can be recycled but are often missed.

They’re out there somewhere. Hiding out in homes across the nation. Forgotten in our kitchens, bathrooms, cupboards and bags. Even lurking in our rubbish bins.

We’re talking empty bean tins after a full English. Cleaning bottles after their final spritz. Takeaway trays from last night’s tikka masala. And all the shampoo bottles after rinse-and-repeating. Our busy lives are full of things we could (and really should) recycle. And now more and more of us are hunting them out.

So, whether you recycle what you can, you’re just trying your best or think you could recycle more, this Recycle Week (and the days that follow), let’s keep an eye out for the things we can recycle and work a little harder to recycle more of them, more often

Happy hunting!

Practice your hunting skills

Did you know there’s recyclable treasures lurking in your bathroom? Aerosoles, shampoo bottles, perfume bottles, and toilet roll tubes are often missed and denied the chance to be recycled into another useful item. Hover over the items below to see if they’re trash or recyclable treasure.


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