Festive Recycling

Let’s Waste Less This Christmas!

Christmas is a time of excess – more food, more presents, more packaging. And that also means we produce more waste.

In fact, we recycle more over Christmas in Greater Manchester than at any other time of year. Have a look at our top tips to stay sustainable and make the most of your waste this Christmas.



Chritmas card with glittery tree design


Cards and wrapping paper with glitter can’t be recycled. This is because glitter is made from plastic and can’t be separated out in the recycling process. Put it into general waste.

person holding fairy lights


Christmas tree lights, wires, cables and other electrical items can’t go in any of your bins at home. You can recycle them at your local Recycling Centre.

a box full of electrical items and batteries


If you have dead batteries, or items with hidden batteries, you can recycle them at any recycling centre. Don’t put batteries in any bin at home as they can cause fires.

person laying under a pile of cardboard boxes


Before recycling your cardboard boxes, take out all plastic packaging, bubble wrap and polystyrene. They are all made with plastic and can’t be recycled, so put them in your general waste bin.

person cutting wrapping paper


Not all wrapping paper is actually paper. Some is made with plastic or foil. To check if it can be recycled, try the scrunch test. If you can scrunch the paper into a ball and it stays scrunched, you can recycle it.

christmas food waste in a sandwich


Don’t let your food go to waste this Christmas. There’s loads of ways to recycle your food waste, and if you don’t eat it – compost it or put in your food & garden waste bin.


Recycling Centres are usually busy during the Christmas period. If you do visit a Recycling Centre then be sure to plan ahead. Check our Christmas opening times and sort your recycling before setting off.

23rd December8am-6pm
Christmas Eve8am-6pm
Christmas DayClosed
Boxing Day8am-6pm
27th December8am-6pm
New Years Eve8am-6pm
New Years DayClosed