From February 2020, the number of times you can visit the Recycling Centres in a year, depends on the size of your vehicle.

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Manchester Education Centre and Materials Recovery Facility

See how recycling is sorted from over a million homes.

A visit includes:

A  tour of the Materials Recovery Facility

  • See how your plastic bottles are sorted using machines called Aladdin
  • Find out how glass bottles and jars are given a clean using cyclones
  • Watch how we turn your aluminium drinks cans and foil into biscuits (not suitable for eating)

A selection of tailored interactive activities

  • Right Stuff Right Bin – Which bin is which?
  • Rubbish to Resource – Where does it all go?
  • One Earth – Why does it matter?

Visits are suitable for:

  • Primary school classes (Year 3 and above)
  • Guide and Scout groups (7 years old and above)
  • Secondary and Higher Education students studying environmental and STEM subjects
  • Further Education students studying environmental and STEM courses
  • Adult community groups

Not in education or part of a community group?

You can still visit us on one of our public Open Days! Visit our events page to see the next available dates.

Centre Information


Longley Lane Education Centre

Longley Lane


M22 4RQ

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