Could your group benefit from free compost?

Recycle for Greater Manchester & SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK are committed to creating value from waste to benefit Greater Manchester.

As part of this commitment, we are focused on creating a circular economy. Suez have worked with Brosters and their partners SED to create organic certified to PAS 100 standard, peat free compost from Greater Manchester’s food and garden waste.

Bulk compost in 1 tonne bags can be requested by community groups, education establishments and voluntary sector organisations within Greater Manchester (excluding Wigan).

Application Form

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Step 1: Are you eligible?

Who can apply:
• Registered Charities
• Not-for-profit organisations
• Community, neighbourhood or voluntary groups
• Faith groups
• Schools, Colleges or Universities

Step 3: Submit your form.

Once you’ve completed the application form, email it to

Please note that Renew Compost cannot be sold on to a third party.

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply:

• Registered Charity (charity number must be provided)

• Not-for-profit organisation (defined as a registered legal entity that does not make a private profit for directors, members, or shareholders)

• Community, neighbourhood or voluntary group (eg. friends of…, allotment society)

• Faith group

• School, College or a University

How will I receive the compost?

Compost will be delivered free of charge to eligible groups (as above).

Please note the compost is delivered in a 1 tonne bag so it will be unloaded from a wagon with a tipper/ grabbing arm similar to those used to transport gravel.

Your location MUST be accessible to a large delivery wagon.

Is the compost peat free?

Yes, the compost is peat free and certified to PAS 100 standard.

Can I choose when to take delivery?

Deliveries will be made Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm. You can request a preferred time and date, but we cannot guarantee this. All delivery times and dates will be confirmed upon approval of request.

Can I request more than 1 tonne?

No, sorry! Groups are only eligible for a one tonne bulk bag in a 12 month period.

How long will it be before I get confirmation that my application has been accepted?

Applications are processed within 10 working days excluding weekends and bank holidays. If you have not had notification back after this period, please contact