Repair Week: Let’s get fixing!

We’re launching Greater Manchester first-ever Repair Week, taking place from 20-26 March, to celebrate the benefits of repairing items and shout out to some of our local repair heroes. Find out more about Greater Manchester Repair Week and get involved!

Why repair?

As we’re now living through a climate emergency, we all have a part to play to protect the planet from further harm – repairing and reusing is a good way for us to contribute.

All of our items, whether it’s clothing, furniture, electrical items or home appliances, contain carbon footprints when they’re being manufactured, distributed, used and disposed of. Manufacturing and extracting resources for new products is causing an increasingly huge impact on the environment, making up around 50% of the total greenhouse gas emissions produced worldwide. By repairing items instead of buying new, you’re helping to cut down all those associated emissions to save the planet.

Keeping In the Loop

Furthermore, repairing your items helps reduce waste by keeping them in the loop for as long as possible. As we’re working towards a more circular economy, your actions can help create a more sustainable neighbourhood and Greater Manchester to live in.

As well as saving the planet, repairing your goods saves your pocket too! With many of us trying to cut down our spending due to the rising cost of living, repairing has become a rising trend. Next time when your clothes, furniture or electricals need fixing, why not jump onto YouTube to look for a repairing tutorial before finding a replacement immediately. You can also check out some of our top repairing hacks on our social channels this week.

Happy fixing!


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