Renew shops FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What time are the shops open?

The shops will be open 7 days a week:

Tuesday to Thursday (inclusive) the shops will be open from 10am until 4pm.

Friday to Monday (inclusive) the shops will be open 10am until 6pm.

Is there an online shop?

Yes, you can now browse our eBay store, pay for your items and collect from the Renew Hub at Trafford Park at a time that suits you. Renew Market

What payment methods are accepted?

The shops are card payment only, all cards are accepted.

What Covid-19 measure will be in place?

We are following Government guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. You will be asked to wear a face mask, observe social distancing measure and use the hand sanitiser provided.

Can items be reserved?

Items can be reserved for 24 hours. No payment is taken until the item is collected and if the item is not collected within 24 hours, it will go back on sale.

Can items be returned

You may return an item to the shop within 30 days of purchase with a valid receipt.

Is there an option for delivery?

This is not a service that we currently offer.

Can I take items away on a roof rack?

Goods carried in vehicles are the responsibility of the owner who should follow safe driving practices and ensure the roof rack is suitable for their vehicle and the weight of the goods.

Are staff able to help load items? 

Unfortunately we do not have staff available to provide this service and advise customers to consider this when purchasing larger items.

Will the shops be accessible for wheelchair users?

The shops will be accessible with a temporary ramp. There is a bell to alert staff who will be able to help.

Can I access the shops if my vehicle is higher than 2m?

Yes, you can access all the shops.

Can I access the shops on foot or on a bike?

Unfortunately, customers are unable to access the shops on foot due to safety as the household waste recycling centres are not designed for pedestrians. They can be accessed by bike. The shop at Arkwright Street can be accessed on foot as long as pedestrians stick to the marked out path to the site.

Can I take my children with me to the shops?

Due to safety, children are advised not to leave the vehicle on the household waste recycling centres. There is a footpath from the car park to the shop at the Arkwright Street shop and so we advise parents to be cautious if they choose to take their children with them.

How do I donate items to the Renew shops?

There are donation containers at the majority of the household waste recycling centres. A list of which household waste recycling centres have containers can be found here.

Is there a pick-up service for large items I want to donate like other charities?

Unfortunately this is not a service currently offered but may be something that we look at in the future.

Will large items collected by the council go to the shop?

Not at the moment but this is something that we may look at in the future.

What items can be donated / what items can’t be donated?

The list of items that can and cannot be donated to the Renew shops can be found here.

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