Batteries don’t go in any of your bins at home. 

You can take batteries to a recycling centre.
Regular household batteries can also be recycled at most supermarkets or electrical stores.

Keep your bin crew safe

Please do not throw any batteries in any of your wheelie bins at home. This is because they are a fire risk and contain hazardous materials.

Does your item contain hidden batteries?

There are hidden batteries in many electrical items such as electric toothbrushes, toys, e-cigarettes, vapes, phones, laptops, and many more. You can recycle them by doing the following:

  1. Don’t throw it in any of your bins at home!
  2. Store your items properly until you can take them to a recycling point.
  3. Take your items to the nearest recycling centre to dispose of them properly. Alternatively, visit Recycle Your Electricals to find your nearest electrical recycling point.
Choose to reuse

When next replacing batteries, why not buy rechargeable batteries instead? You can use them again and again, which will save you money and help you waste less.