Local Restrictions from 2 December

All Recycling Centres will remain open

Please follow COVID-19 measures when you visit


Virtual Sessions

Laptop on a desk with materials recovery facility on the screen

Book a virtual session and find out how what happens to the recycling from over a million homes in Greater Manchester.

See how your plastic bottles are sorted using lasers, find out how glass bottles and jars are given a clean using cyclones and watch how we turn your aluminium drinks cans and foil into biscuits (not suitable for eating).

Our virtual classroom sessions delivered by our Education Officer include:

Our virtual sessions are suitable for:

How to book

Our virtual sessions are held on Microsoft teams. We can also deliver sessions on other platforms on request.

The sessions are available to Greater Manchester schools and community groups (excluding Wigan).

To book, please send an email to education@recycleforgreatermanchester.com.

Please include:

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