Virtual Sessions

Virtual Sessions

Interested in a virtual session?

Find out how what happens to the recycling from over a million homes in Greater Manchester.

See how your plastic bottles are sorted using lasers, find out how glass bottles and jars are given a clean using cyclones and watch how we turn your aluminium drinks cans and foil into biscuits (not suitable for eating).

Our virtual classroom sessions delivered by our Education Officer include:

– A virtual tour of the Materials Recovery Facility where mixed recycling is sorted
– Right Stuff, Right Bin interactive activity
– A chance to ask your recycling questions and get expert answers

Our online sessions are suitable for:

– Groups within the Greater Manchester waste contract area (which excludes Wigan).

– Primary school classes (Our standard online session suitable for Year 3 and above but we can arrange a bespoke session for Year 1 and 2).

– Home education groups.

– Scout and Guide groups (our standard online session is aimed at ages 7 and above but we can arrange a bespoke session with the younger sections).

– Secondary and Higher Education students studying environmental and STEM subjects.

– Further Education students studying environmental and STEM courses.

– Adult community groups, businesses and organisations.

Book your virtual session

To book your virtual session please email with the following information:

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  • Name of school or community group
  • Location of school or group
  • Age group
  • Preferred dates/times

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