Recycling Centres are now open 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week*

Sites are experiencing high volumes of traffic, please plan your visit.

Please follow the below guidelines when visiting:

  • follow social distancing measures when on site
  • wear a face covering to protect yourself, staff, and other users
  • plan your visit, weekdays are less busy
  • sort waste and recycling before your visit to minimise time on site
  • expect queues
  • all recycling containers are open
  • wash your hands before and after your visit

*Find your nearest site for further details


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In the UK nearly 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away every day, which is 3 billion nappies a year. Research revealed that there is ....
Did you know wasting food feeds climate change? 30% of global greenhouse gases come from producing our food – we can’t afford to waste ....
New Recycle for Greater Manchester Community Fund We are delighted to announce that the Recycle for Greater Manchester Community Fund is no....
In the last six months more than 221 tonnes of blue bin recycling has been rejected wasting over £19,500. This is a huge cost to Salford....
We're helping to reduce food waste across Oldham....
In the last 6 months, 850 tonnes of poor quality paper and card had to be processed as general waste, costing Bury council £75,000.....

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Julie Lowe from Ashton-under-Lyne is passionate about reducing her household waste, especially plastic. In this guest blog post, Julie shares her story with us, as well as sharing her top 5 tips for going plastic free. We started our plastic free journey by accident. It was a New Year....

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