All Recycling Centres remain open (updated 5th January 2021)

Please follow the below guidelines when visiting:

  • only visit if you really need to do so
  • follow social distancing measures when on site
  • wear a face covering
  • plan your visit, weekdays are less busy
  • sort waste and recycling before your visit to minimise time on site
  • all recycling containers are open
  • wash your hands before and after your visit


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In the last six months more than 221 tonnes of blue bin recycling has been rejected wasting over £19,500. This is a huge cost to Salford....
Over the festive season, we use around 300,000 tonnes of card packaging....
We're helping to reduce food waste across Oldham....
In the last 6 months, 850 tonnes of poor quality paper and card had to be processed as general waste, costing Bury council £75,000.....
In 2019, your local councils collected over 80,000 tonnes of paper and card.....
What is home composting? Home composting is using your kitchen waste and garden waste to make your own nutrient rich compost that you can u....

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December is the month of the year to celebrate togetherness, to be thankful for the year and all that has brought us. Traditionally the winter solstice was a celebration of the crops and abundance of the year. Today we still enjoy celebrating but we oversee the tonnes of food waste the festivities c....

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