In the last 6 months, 850 tonnes of poor quality paper and card had to be processed as general waste, costing Bury council £75,000.

The problem

Rubbish bag of waste mixed in with paper and card

Most people in Bury are recycling right, but some people are putting the wrong things in their recycling bins.  We have seen an increase of the number of wrong things  in the green paper and card recycling bin.

This includes things like:

  • rubbish bags of general waste
  • dirty nappies
  • electrical items
  • leftover food
  • pet training pads
  • clothes
  • plastic packaging
  • toys

This is a problem because companies that process paper and card only want dry paper and card recycling. Wrong things in the recycling bin, lowers the quality which means they can’t recycle it and it will end up being processed as general waste instead.

What we are doing

Sticker on bins

Every green paper and card recycling bin in Bury will get a permanent information sticker to remind residents to put the right things in their green bin.

Helps us to collect your waste bin sticker

Leaflets delivered

A leaflet will be delivered to every household in Bury. The leaflet tells you exactly what you can and can’t recycle. Please keep the guide as a reminder and make sure you only put the right things in the right bins.

Bury green bin-shaped leaflet cover

Bins crews checking bins

If you get a ‘bin alert’ sticker this is because the bin crew could not empty your paper and card recycling bin because it contains the wrong things. You will need to take the wrong things out and they will come and pick it up on your next collection day.

Bin alert bin sticker

What you can do

Only put these things in your green paper and recycling card bin

  • Books
  • Card packaging
  • Cardboard
  • Envelopes and mail
  • Food and drink cartons
  • Greetings cards
  • Junk mail
  • Magazines and catalogues
  • Paper and newspapers
  • Wrapping paper (not foiled paper)

Working together with campaign partners

Bury Council logo

Greatest Hits Radio logo

  • Bury council
  • Tower FM
  • Jewish Advertiser
  • Bury housing groups


How to get involved in #GoGreenBury

  1. Tell your friends and family how to recycle right
  2. Follow @recycle4gm on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  3. Subscribe to our newsletter
  4. Tell your local school or community group to book a virtual session to learn more about recycling.

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