Don't put any items with batteries in bins - they can cause fires. #BeBatteryAware. Images of vape, battery and electric toothbrush. Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Logo. In partnership with R4GM
Campaign | 7th August 2023
Be Battery Aware

Batteries don’t go in any of your bins at home. Old batteries may seem ‘dead’ but they can still cause fires if you don’t dispose of them properly. They can be crushed in bin lorries or waste sorting plants and start fires.

In the Loop campaign; young couple cooking chopped tomatoes on the hob with the wording
Campaign | 6th April 2023
In The Loop

Recycling is a vital part of the circular economy which is about reducing waste by keeping things in use as long as possible. When you recycle your stuff in the correct bin at home, you’re part of the circular economy and #InTheLoop.

Shopping bag with text BUY. Tupperware tubs of food with text KEEP. Small dish of food with text EAT. Recycling bin with text REPEAT
Campaign | 12th February 2023
Buy Keep Eat Repeat

Did you know that in Greater Manchester, 140,000 tonnes of food waste is put in general waste bins? Three quarters of this food waste could have been avoided too. We are working with councils across Greater Manchester to encourage residents to reduce and recycle their food waste.

Teddy bear stood behind pile of nappies with speech bubble. Text reads
Campaign | 1st January 2022
TedSays: Please don’t put any nappies in your recycling

In the UK nearly 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away every day, which is 3 billion nappies a year.

Campaign | Blog | News | Tips & Guides | 3rd March 2020
Recycling plastics? It’s got to be a bottle

We’re helping people across Greater Manchester get to grips with recycling plastic. With our it’s #GotToBeABottle campaign, we want you to recycle all your plastic bottles at home, this includes bottles likes bathroom spray bottles, washing up liquid bottles and drinks bottles. Any plastic bottles you use around your home can go in your recycling bin. Other types of plastics such as yoghurt pots, fruit trays and plant pots go in your general waste bin.


image of empty plastic bottle


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pf bike hub
NEWS | BLOG | 1st May 2024
R4GM Community Fund Success Story: Platt Fields Bike Hub

Based next to the lake in Platt Fields Park, the Bike Hub has been working hard over the past few months to get old bikes back on the road, while at the same time giving refugees a way to get around the city.

R4GM Community Fun. Get your neighbourhood wasting less, reusing more, and recycling right. Apply for up to £20k 8th April - 31st May
NEWS | 9th April 2024
£220,000 funding pot available for new, innovative green projects in Greater Manchester

£220,000 is available for projects which help to reduce, reuse, or recycle household waste, and generate wider social benefits for their communities in Greater Manchester.

NEWS | 5th December 2023
Greater Manchester residents raise over £1million for good causes by shopping at Renew

More than £1m raised by Greater Manchester residents through Renew scheme. Shopping at Renew helps to raise funds for local communities across Greater Manchester. Renew opened its first three shops in 2021, before opening online to raise more money for good causes.