Microwave sparking? This cheap and easy fix could save you buying a new one

Be in the loop by repairing instead of throwing away. Electronic waste is a huge problem in the UK, with so many appliances being thrown away before they’re truly broken.

Have you gone to heat up your tea and found your microwave sparking? Instead of forking out £80 on a new one, this £5 repair could be the solution to get your microwave back spinning safely.

If you’re certain no foil has found its way into the machine, a damaged waveguide cover might be the cause of the sparks. This small rectangle of silver card allows the microwaves rays to heat the food. If it gets dirty or damaged it can cause sparking and result in problems heating food. There’s no need for a full replacement appliance. Save yourself money and save the planets resources.

This guide will take you through the steps to replace your microwave waveguide cover. If you’re in any doubt about the safety of your appliance, always get a qualified technician to investigate for you.

*Always make sure electronics are unplugged before investigating or working on them*

Step 1:
Have a look at the waveguide cover.
It’s a silvery rectangle usually on the right-hand side, inside the machine. Is it looking dirty? Is it torn? Are there scorch marks from the sparks? If so, it needs replacing.

Step 2:
Order a replacement waveguide cover.
Go online and search ‘microwave waveguide cover’. You’ll find some designed to fit specific makes and models. We think it’s easiest to buy a sheet and cut the new cover to size.

Step 3:
Take out your old waveguide cover and trace the shape onto the new cover card.

Step 4:
Cut round your traced outline.

Step 5:
Fit the new waveguide cover, plug the microwave back in.

That’s it, all fixed! Now find yourself a treat to test your handy work and breath a sign or relief that you’ve not needlessly thrown away a microwave for the sake of a few inches of silver card.



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