Consignment notes

You must use consignment notes to move hazardous waste.

A consignment note must stay with hazardous waste until it reaches its final destination.

Fill in a consignment note

Read the consignment notes guidance.

  1. Download a consignment note form.

  2. Fill in the parts that apply to you.

  3. Use a continuation sheet if you need more space.

The part that applies to you depends on your role in the waste process.

Your role Part you must complete
Producer A and B
Holder (stores waste) A and B
Carrier (collects and transports waste) C
Consignor (hands the waste to the carrier) D
Consignee (receives waste for recycling or disposal) E

You’re the waste producer or holder

You’ll need to know both the:

Get consignment notes another way

You can also:

  • use a note from your waste contractor or write your own – it must include the information on the form
  • buy consignment notices from the Environment Agency – these have 3 colour-coded copies

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