Get creative with your paper recycling

Kids getting bored…well now is the time to get creative with your paper and card recycling and get their imaginations racing with what they can make with them. For example how about a Cereal Box Aquarium or a Big Box Playhouse. Visit here for 10 great ideas for what they could make.

Cardboard boxes

Are your cardboard boxes beginning to mount up?…well, here are some interesting ideas for kids to do with them, there are tutorials to download so you can get involved as well.

Of course if you are a bit of a creative yourself here are some examples of some amazing art pieces to inspire you

Apr 1, 2020 – Explore kellisabin’s board “Cardboard Art” on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cardboard art, Cardboard sculpture and Paper art.

Newspaper and magazines

And of course don’t forget the old favourite paper mache!

At home with the kids? Instantly access any of these printable activity bundles to keep them learning! Anyone for Paper Mache?Paper Mache, or papier Mache, either way to spell it, it is a fun family project! The answer to how to make paper mache is easier than you may think. What do you get when ?

And how could we talk about using recycled paper without mentioning Origami.

Now more than ever, we need to make a statement. We need to create art out of waste to make a statement. These recycled paper crafts do precisely that.

Don’t forget however that there are lots of other uses for waste paper and card other than arts and crafts.

Before you toss that bundle of junk mail or printed-on computer paper in the recycling bin, hold on! Try one of these 22 creative ways to reuse it.

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