North West of England: local restrictions

Recycling Centres are open as normal

  • Do not visit if you or anyone from your household have Covid-19 symptoms
  • Stay two metres (six feet) away from other visitors and staff at all times
  • Only one person at a time to dispose of waste in any container
  • Only one person to access a walkway/gantry at a time
  • Two people from the same household may leave their vehicle only to carry large items
  • Other passengers must remain in the car
  • Wash your hands regularly

The R4GM bin app will no longer be available from Friday 1st May


The R4GM bin app will no longer be available from Friday 1st May.

If you have downloaded the app onto your phone it will still work until Thursday 30th April.

The app has been removed from Google Play and the App store.  You can not download it or reinstall it onto your phone or tablet.

Important information for current app users

The bin collection dates and reminders may not be up to date because some councils have temporarily changed their bin collections.  Please check your local council for up to date information.

Check your bin dates

Bolton council website

Bury council website – you can also  sign-up for email reminders and alerts

Manchester city council website

Oldham council website

Rochdale council website

Salford council website

Stockport council website

Tameside council website

Trafford council website

How to manually set up bin reminders on your phone

You can add reminders on your smartphone by manually adding them on your calendar app. Find out the collection schedule from your council website and then you can add them to your phone’s calendar app.

Setting reminders on iOS

  1. Go to calendar app
  2. Select the ‘+’ icon on the top left of your screen
  3. Add a title, for example ‘Black bin’
  4. Set a start and end date, for example 7am- 730am
  5. Set on repeat, for example, every 2 weeks
  6. Set your Alert , for example 1 day before
  7. Select Add

Repeat this for your other bins.

Setting reminders on Android

  1. Go to calendar app
  2. Select ‘+’ icon bottom right of your screen
  3. Select Reminder button
  4. Add a title, for example black bin
  5. Set a date and time for reminder
  6. Set repeat options (custom)
  7. Tap ‘Save’ top right

Repeat this for your other bins.

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