Revive Compost

You can buy your recycled garden and food waste as a multi-purpose peat free compost.

Revive multi- purpose compost is made with your food and garden waste. It’s processed in 5 simple steps and turned into a high quality compost perfect for your garden and potted plants.

1. Collected from your home

2. Delivered to one of our In Vessel Composting facilities in Greater Manchester

3. Transformed into compost in just 6 weeks!

4. Matured for 6-8 months and blended with forestry by-products

5. Recycled into high quality compost ready for you to use in your garden.

Revive multi-purpose compost is  a PAS100 and CQP certified product.Revive process

How much does it cost?

20 litre bag for £2.60  – 3 bags for £6.40
40 litre bag for £4.00 – 3 bags for £10.00
60 litre bag for £5.40 – 3 bags for £12.00

Where can I buy it from?

You can buy Revive compost directly from one of the weighbridge facilities (where the commercial/council delivery vehicles go) which are next to the Recycling Centres. You can pay with cash or card.


Raikes Lane

Salford Road, Over Hulton


Every Street


Longley  Lane, Sharston

Reliance Street, Newton Heath


Arkwright Sreet


Chichester Street


Cobden Street


Bredbury Parkway, Bredbury


Bayley Street, Stalybridge

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