Fall back in love with your stuff!

Following in the footsteps of London Repair Week, 2023 sees the first ever Greater Manchester Repair Week!

We’re inviting everyone to join us on a repair revolution!

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Image of person using sewing machine. Text reads

White curtain with abstract black lines, hanging on a white curtain rail
Repair Week:
Hack your home

Save yourself money and keep your favourite items in your wardrobe rotation with these super easy hacks.

crafting items on a crafting mat, buttons, cotton thread, a cutter, measuring tape, scissors
Repair Week:
Rework your wardrobe

There’s no need for expensive tools or complicated manuals with these cheap repairs – you’ve got this!

workshop tools hung on a metal wall, plyers, hammer, scissors, screwdrivers
Repair Week:
Let’s get fixing

Join us in starting the fixing revolution across Greater Manchester!


BLOG | 19th September 2023
How mattresses are recycled

Find out how we recycle mattresses in Greater Manchester.

photo of an education officer in high-vis and hard-hat giving a tour of the Materials recovery facility to a group of visitors
EVENTS | 16th August 2023
Open Days!

See your recycling in action! Have you ever wondered what happens to your recycling after it has been collected or taken to the tip? Here’s your chance to see behind the scenes at our sites and learn what really happens

Don't put any items with batteries in bins - they can cause fires. #BeBatteryAware. Images of vape, battery and electric toothbrush. Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Logo. In partnership with R4GM
CAMPAIGN | 7th August 2023
Be Battery Aware

Batteries don’t go in any of your bins at home. Old batteries may seem ‘dead’ but they can still cause fires if you don’t dispose of them properly. They can be crushed in bin lorries or waste sorting plants and start fires.