If its raw, cooked or gone off, recycle it!

Food recycling, the best idea since sliced bread

Are you recycling all your food waste?

It’s not just veg peelings and eggshells, it’s ALL food waste.

Leftovers from your plate, raw or cooked meat and fish, including bones, teabags and coffee grounds can all go in your kitchen food caddy. For a full recycling guide, go to What can I recycle at home?

All of Greater Manchester’s food waste is used to make compost at our In Vessel Composting facilities. This means that nothing is wasted and your food waste can be used to help grow more food.

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Top tip

Only use compostable food bags with the seedling logo to line your kitchen food caddy.  Do not use plastic bags or biodegradable bags. Read our blog to find out why.

Did you know…

…you can buy compost made with Greater Manchester’s very own household food and garden recycling? To find out where you can buy it, go to Buy Revive® multi-purpose compost.


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