Local Restrictions from 2 December

All Recycling Centres will remain open

Please follow COVID-19 measures when you visit


National Restrictions from 5 November – Recycling Centres will remain open

Recycling Centre road sign

From Thursday 5 November new national restrictions will be in place. Household waste recycling centres across Greater Manchester will remain open throughout the period of the restrictions.

Residents are urged to only use recycling centres if its essential.

Residents must follow the COVID-19 measures when visiting a recycling centre:

  • Stay two metres (six feet) away from other visitors and staff at all times
  • Wear a face mask if you can
  • Only one person at a time to dispose of waste in any container
  • Only one person to access a walkway/gantry at a time
  • Do not visit if you or anyone from your household have Covid-19 symptoms
  • Two people from the same household may leave their vehicle only to carry large items
  • Other passengers must remain in the car
  • Wash your hands regularly

For more information, visit Recycling Centres Opening Times page.

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