From 10th  February 2020, the number of times you can visit the Recycling Centres in a year, depends on the size of your vehicle.

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Your plastic 5 a day?

1. Plastic bags

Since the introduction of the plastic bag charge in 2015, single use plastic bags have dropped from 140 to 25 bags for the average person each year.  However, we can reduce this even further by reusing the plastic bags we have and using reusable bags.  Keep them in your bag, back of your car, in your coat pocket – so you always have one on hand when you do an impromptu shop.

2. Takeaway cups

It’s estimated that 2.5 billion coffee cups are being thrown away in the UK every year . That’s almost 5,000 a minute.

You can still enjoy your favourite beverage in your own reusable cup.  You will be saving yourself some money too, as a lot of coffee shops offer a discount of between 20p-50p per drink.

3. Bottled water

Bottled water can cost between 500 to 1000 times more than tap water.

A single 500ml of water can cost you an average of £1 and if you getting a bottle almost every day this all adds up. With over 20,000+ Refill Stations nationwide, refilling your water bottle for free has never been easier. Download the app, find your local Refill station and get fresh drinking water on the go.

4. Fruit and veg wrapped in plastic

Things like grapes and berries can be difficult to buy without plastic but there are fruit and veg you can buy loose.  Some single items may appear to be more expensive but if you compare them by weight they can actually work out cheaper. Also when buying food in packaging, there is a tendency to buy more than you need and the food ends up going to waste.

5. Disposable cutlery

Knives, forks, spoons, stirrers. Even if they are compostable and biodegradable they are still unnecessary waste.  Take your own metal cutlery from home.

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