From 10th  February 2020, the number of times you can visit the Recycling Centres in a year, depends on the size of your vehicle.

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Repair Cafés

A hole in your favourite pair of jeans?

Bikes gears jammed?

Toaster burnt out?

If it’s broken instead of replacing it why not try repairing it?  Repair Cafés are run by volunteers who have the know-how on fixing all sorts of things from bikes to clothes to electricals to furniture.  They usually happen once a month and are free to drop in. To find out more, get in touch with your local Repair Café:

Chorlton Repair Café

Levenshulme Repair Café

Moss Side Repair Café

Boothstown Repair Café

If you have something that is beyond repair, don’t bin it!  Please take your items to your local Recycling Centre so they can be recycled or disposed of safely.

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