From February 2020, the number of times you can visit the Recycling Centres in a year, depends on the size of your vehicle.

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We are working with businesses and organisations to get everyone working and living in Greater Manchester to recycle more and waste less.

With our engagement activities, we have provided staff with:

  • Ideas on how they can save money and reduce their food waste
  • Information on what happens to their recycling
  • Information on how their general waste is turned into electricity
  • A free recycling guide
  • Useful and reusable giveaways

We deliver the following free staff engagement options:


Bolton Energy Recovery Facility

See how general waste from Bolton is turned into electricity to power 14,000 homes.

Manchester Materials Recovery Facility

See how recycling is sorted from over a million homes.

‘A much better understanding of how recycling is done across Greater Manchester and clarification on what can and cannot be recycled. Will ensure this is passed on to colleagues and customers.’ Bolton at Home

‘Understanding the implications and how we can improve on our waste with our business.’ Bruntwood

Learning Lunch

The team will deliver a short talk or activity and answer any questions.

Interactive information stand

A recycling information stand in your canteen, reception or office.  The team will be available to answer any questions.


Recycle for Greater Manchester at Co-op Headquarters

For more information or to make a booking:


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