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May 2016 to October 2016

Areas targeted

8,290 households in:

  • Gatley
  • Cheadle Hulme
  • Davenport
  • Bramhall


The campaign aimed at improving the quality and quantity of recycling with a specific focus on the mixed recycling bin for glass, cans and plastic bottles.

The project focused on encouraging residents to recycle items that research shows are wrongly put into the general rubbish bin and that are typically found in specific areas in the house (like the bathroom).


  • Households in the area were spoken to at the door to remind them of what items can go in the recycling bins and inform them about recyclable items that people tend to forget
  • An online version of the survey was available for those residents not at home
  • The ‘Bin It To Win It’ incentive was used to encourage residents living in the selected areas to recycle more. Entries were collected via both the online and doorstep survey. Random entries were selected and their bins inspected on collection day. The 4 prizes were awarded to households that recycled right
  • ‘Bin It To Win It’ leaflets were delivered to all targeted households via door -knocking
  • Family open days to the Longley Lane education centre were held to increase residents understanding of recycling
  • Community events were held
Stockport Family Open Day Flyer


  • 2,984 residents spoken to on the doorstep
  • 1,500 survey entries
  • 4 Bin it to Win it prizes (4x£200 shopping vouchers) delivered
  • 5 community events held – 206 residents engaged
  • 3 open days held – total of 70 participants.
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