From February 2020, the number of times you can visit the Recycling Centres in a year, depends on the size of your vehicle.

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April 2016 to November 2016

Areas Targeted

8,000 households in:

  • Deeplish
  • Kirkholt
  • Castleton
  • Queensway
  • Bellfield
  • Newbold


The campaign focused on increasing paper and card recycling rates.


  • Residents were spoken to at the door. A short survey was carried out to persuade people who did not have a paper and card recycling bin to order one or encourage residents with a 140 litre bin to swap it for a larger one (240 litre)
  • Information leaflets were delivered to all households
  • Community events were held
Rochdale Let's recycle more leaflet


  • 2,672 residents spoken to on the doorstep
  • 431 blue bins ordered
  • 7 information stand and 1 community fun day delivered
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Recycle for Greater Manchester